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Where would my blog be without these girls? Every time I’m feeling completely disinterested in fashion (and randomness) blogging, they drag me back with their crazy (amazing) outfits and beyond-the-impossible ultra pop glitz.

… Not to mention catchy as hell songs. I want their second Japanese album to come out already. D:

(Side note: I watched the normal music video for this song before the “dance version” I’m posting. I don’t know who directs their music videos, but I’m questioning their abilities ever since TaeTiSeo’s single, which opened with an intro from a completely different song on the album. This one opened and closed with clips from Singin’ in the Rain, of all things. Nothing gets me in the mood to hear some 2010’s K-/J-pop like a Gene Kelly musical number from 60 years ago. :\)

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Posted on August 2nd at 5:31 PM
Tagged as: nothing against Singin' in the Rain but seriously that was genre whiplash. you'd never believe based on this blog that I listen to lots of other things besides glitzy K-pop. music. music video. K-pop. J-pop. SNSD. Girls' Generation.
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